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Service and support

  • Service you can rely on 24/7 — around the world

    Are you in need of of spare parts, commissioning assistance, training or trouble shooting?

    You have our full attention. You can get immediate access to our experts through the Hotline, or you can benefit from our DrivePro maintenance and service programs to minimize downtime and maximize productivity at your facility.

    Browse to find answers to your specific question or contact your local Danfoss office or service partner.

  • Technical support hotline

    Please have the following information available before you call:

    • Review Solutions for the Top 10 Tech Support Calls
    • Product information 
    • Images of: cable connections; filters, resisters, fuses, chokes etc; any external hardware linking to the drive 
    • Motor data: include motor datasheets or a reference circuit diagram of external equipment 
    • Cable data
    • Network type TT, IT, NT, NT-S etc. 
    • Alarms/warning you have experienced 
    • MCT 10*.ssp file and MCT10 build version

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